Mobile Product Designer,
Tech Lover & Problem Solver.

Currently working at Shutterstock, shaping the future of our iOS & Android apps, leading the experience design in the native apps team. I am living in Berlin, Germany & travel a lot to our beautiful headquarters in NYC.

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My name is Christoph. I design digital products and I'm specialized in crafting experiences for native apps - Android, iOS & sometimes even macOS. Years ago I have earned a degree in digital media design but always knew my passion was all about mobile products after the launch of the first iPhone back in 2007.

I have a broad range of skills in designing and developing digital products. Especially (as you might have guessed already) native apps.

I was born in the heart of Germany and was interested in design, technology, gadgets and astronomy since my early childhood. I played around with everything that had LED's and power connections, spend my evenings looking in the sky, wondering how this beautiful universe works.

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Recent & past projects.

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I solve problems

I address business goals by identifying problems that customers and users have in their daily lives. My mantra is to put users first and the business will thrive from it. From the initial idea to shipping the product - I think about the vision, value & goal of the product. Design always starts with a mission.

I design experiences

My expertise is designing simple and easy to use experiences for [native] & apps for Android, iOS and macOS. With the goal of being compliant with the system's guidelines, I design enchanting products & beautiful experiences.

I code interfaces

I'm working with Swift, Objective-C & Storyboards in Xcode, sometimes with Java & Android Studio and Git. While taking care of most of the front-end, the UI and small nuances, developers can focus on performance and bugs.

Personal projects.




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I know my tools.

And my daily routine.

My workflow is fast and efficient. One of the most important things for designers and developers working with & for digital products, beside mastering their tools, is to find a productive and efficient way of managing time and work load.

I think that simple shortcuts or menu bar apps are one of the greatest things in work life. They save a lot of time and also do automated workflows. Besides creating & using scripts, batches or droplets, I use a specific set of very useful tools in order to work efficient and of course, to save some extra time and money. Below are just a few of the tools I work with on a daily basis.

Make sure it works.

And that it's stunning.

Excellent and frequent collaboration is a key-element to every successful product, and when you're abroad, you need to communicate even more precise. Besides good and frequent communication between different departments and more importantly, humans, I enjoy writing documentations for team-members. Especially for developers, so they can work fast and efficient.

To ensure a very high-standard of design quality, I work very closely with developers and take care of most of the front-end, the UI and small nuances in code myself. I'm also fluent in designing & developing responsive- and mobile websites.

AI'm obsessed with designing and prototyping great experiences for humans to interact with their devices. I love thinking outside the box and freeing myself from constraints.

In reality though, working on real products, I'm very thorough about limitations by the operating system, the API and time constraints - Shipping a real product requires full dedication and knowledge about what's doable - and what's not. Not to brag, but I do that - seriously.

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Tobia Crivellari
Lead Designer, Bonagora

"Christoph is a great designer, really. His product-thinking leaves nothing behind. He covers all product aspects - from design-thinking, prototyping and coding, to shipping and iterating the product. He is a real full-stack designer and working with him was great. I've learnt a lot from him.

Christoph knows his tools and knows how to use them effectively. He is very skilled and fast. Christoph is also a great person that brings fun and joy on the workplace!

His skills can bring your product to the next level - I highly recommend Christoph. He will be a valuable asset to your company, not only in your design team!"

Chris Knappick
Product Owner, Shutterstock

"Christoph is an extremely talented designer. He has an inmate understanding of, and empathy for, the user. He has a great sense for UX and truly understands the nuances and behaviours of both the iOS and Android platform. Christoph's ability to get into the code and work directly with it makes him an invaluable team member, directly impacting the productivity and efficiency of the developers on his team.

Christoph also has the ability to understand the big picture. He thinks strategically about problems, not just about low level features. Products that he works on always end up better for his involvement."

Kris Arnold
Senior Software Engineer, Etsy

"Christoph is an excellent designer of mobile apps. He has a good knowledge of both Android and iOS design conventions and has the skill to incorporate these conventions into designs where appropriate. His designs are both beautiful and usable.

Unlike any designer I have worked with, Christoph will check out and open up an iOS app in Xcode to tweak fonts and colors without the involvement of an engineer. I highly recommend Christoph."

Juergen Schwietering
Lead Technical Architect, Axel Springer

"Working with Christoph I was quickly impressed by his eye for detail; totally focussed on design for business needs without drifting away into the realms of pure artistry. A perfect team player with a good sense of humour, openminded and interested in the things related to the mobile business.

He was even keen to learn programming in iOS, to understand the production cycle. He would always apply his skills in a great cross functional team."

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