Mobile product designer,
tech lover & problem solver.

I design all things digital and specialize in cross-platform experiences. I'm currently working on tasks and productivity at Microsoft, helping people to focus on what really matters, in order to lead a more meaningful live.


Hello human.

I'm passionate about designing experiences and products that have meaning, intent and value in the life of many individuals and organizations around the world. While I'm self-taught in the realms of product design, I earned a degree in digital media design some years ago.

I was born in the heart of Germany, but currently living in Berlin. Ever since my early childhood, I'm interested in design, technology, gadgets, and astronomy. I also fooled around with everything that had LED's and power connections, yet still spending my evenings looking at the sky, wondering how our beautiful universe works.

Recent & past projects.

I have more than 8 years of experience, and worked in several industries over the past years - Including productivity, e-commerce, social media, and online learning. Below are a few products I'm currently working on, or have been working on in the past years.

Microsoft To-Do Icon

Microsoft To-Do

iOS, Android, Windows, Web

From work to play, To-Do is the easiest way to get stuff done, every day.

Image of the To-Do Project
Shutterstock Icon

Shutterstock Plugin

Adobe CC - PS, AI, IN, PR

One plugin. Endless possibilities.

Image of the Shutterstock Plugin Project
Minimal Timer Icon

Minimal Timer

iOS - Minimal Series

You can guess what a timer does. It's in development - More to come soon...

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Image of the Minimal Timer Project
Minimal Stopwatch Icon

Minimal Stopwatch

iOS - Minimal Series

A beautifully designed, and very easy to use stopwatch. No more, no less.

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Image of the Minimal Stopwatch Project
Shutterstock Icon


iOS, Android

Browse more than 135 million digital assets, search, download, edit and save assets to collections on the go.

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Image of the Shutterstock Project
Shutterstock Contributor Icon


iOS, Android

Check earnings & sales activity, upload & submit assets, access & edit your sets or images on the go.

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Image of the Shutterstock Contributor Project
TunedIn Icon


iOS, Android, Web

TunedIn is improving the way users discover, connect, and participate with television content.

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Image of the TunedIn Project
Image of a grid icon

Here's a free spot! Let's work together.

What I can help with.

I have a broad range of skills and I'm able to fluidly maneuver between different disciplines in the spectrum of design. I love working on UX, visuals, iconography and interaction design - But there's more to share...

Planning icon


I help setting up goals, the scope, requirements and success criteria.

Research icon


I focus on data-informed processes, user research, and analytics.

Exploration icon


I create user journeys, storyboards, personas, and flows.

Architecture icon


I help position, structuring and emphasising design.

Design icon


I design products, sketch and wireframe libraries and kits.

Prototyping Studio icon


I experiment with interaction patterns with tools or in code.

Development icon


I love writing some good front-end code for digital products.

Testing icon


I can help to test experiments. Live, and with prototypes.

I'd love to help you too. Get in touch!

Random projects.

These projects are unfinished, stuck in time, or simply the ones that allow me to break free from the ordinary restrictions of real-world projects.

Netflix logo


iOS onboarding

Since Gretel & Netflix redesigned the Netflix brand, I took a stab at the iOS onboarding flow and design.

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Image of the Netflix case study
Colore Icon


iOS app

I got a set of Philips Hue lights and wanted to make an app for those light-controls.

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Image of the Colore case study
Calenday Icon


iOS app

First started in 2012, I still consider to develop this calendar app. 😎

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Image of the Calenday case study
Linkedin Logo


Mac OS app

I'm on Linkedin a lot. A native Mac OS app would be a great addition to their products.

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Image of the Linkedin Mac OS case study
Illustrations Icon


Icons and illustrations

Part of my process is designing icons and illustrations.

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Image of an illustration representing the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
Facebook Logo


iOS app

Scrolling our feed in bed at night... Wouldn't it be great if the UI would adjust for time and surroundings?

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Image of the Facebook case study

Make sure it works.

To ensure a very high standard of design quality, I work very closely with engineers and take care of some of the front-end, the UI, and small nuances in code myself. I'm obsessed with designing and prototyping great experiences for individuals.

I love thinking outside the box and freeing myself from constraints. But in reality, working on real products, I'm very thorough about limitations by the operating system, the API and deadlines - Shipping a real product requires full dedication and knowledge about what's doable - and what's not. I do that, seriously.

Enough bragging.

See what people have to say that actually worked with me along the way!

Image of McLean Donnelly

McLean Donnelly

Vice President User Experience, Shutterstock

I had the distinct pleasure of managing Christoph for over 16 months.

Simply stated, Christoph is one of the most talented designers I have ever worked with. He has the rare ability to fluidly work across the design spectrum, while easily maneuvering between strategic design to crisp delivery. More specifically, Christoph excels working on UX across any device - whether it be mobile apps or desktop, he has a natural ability to fuse complex experiences. Additionally, his technical skills are exceptional - he has a deep knowledge of the technology behind his design - and in many cases, can write the UI code himself.

Also noteworthy is his passion for self-improvement, as well as supporting those around him. He is eager to learn new approaches and methods, while also taking time to pass along valuable lessons to others, both in design and beyond.

As mentioned, Christoph's professionalism and design skills are top-notch, but his character remains his strongest asset. Approachable, encouraging and ethical, his collaborative and easy-going spirit is infectious. In all, he is exactly the type of person you want - you need - on your team.

Image of Tobia Crivellari

Tobia Crivellari

Product Designer, Yelp

Christoph is a great designer, really. His product-thinking leaves nothing behind. He covers all product aspects - from design-thinking, prototyping and coding, to shipping and iterating the product. He is a real full-stack designer and working with him was great. I've learnt a lot from him.

Christoph knows his tools and knows how to use them effectively. He is very skilled and fast. Christoph is also a great person that brings fun and joy on the workplace!

His skills can bring your product to the next level - I highly recommend Christoph. He will be a valuable asset to your company, not only in your design team!

Image of Chris Knappick

Chris Knappick

Product freelancer

Christoph is an extremely talented designer. He has an inmate understanding of, and empathy for, the user. He has a great sense for UX and truly understands the nuances and behaviours of both the iOS and Android platform. Christoph's ability to get into the code and work directly with it makes him an invaluable team member, directly impacting the productivity and efficiency of the developers on his team.

Christoph also has the ability to understand the big picture. He thinks strategically about problems, not just about low level features. Products that he works on always end up better for his involvement.

Image of Kris Arnold

Kris Arnold

Senior Software Engineer, Etsy

Christoph is an excellent designer of mobile apps. He has a good knowledge of both Android and iOS design conventions and has the skill to incorporate these conventions into designs where appropriate. His designs are both beautiful and usable.

Unlike any designer I have worked with, Christoph will check out and open up an iOS app in Xcode to tweak fonts and colors without the involvement of an engineer. I highly recommend Christoph.

Image of Jurgen Schwietering

Jürgen Schwietering

Lead Technical Architect, Axel Springer

Working with Christoph I was quickly impressed by his eye for detail; totally focussed on design for business needs without drifting away into the realms of pure artistry. A perfect team player with a good sense of humour, openminded and interested in the things related to the mobile business.

He was even keen to learn programming in iOS, to understand the production cycle. He would always apply his skills in a great cross functional team.


You made it.

Thanks for making it down here. I hope you got a glance at what I'm best at. If you like to know more about my work and myself, I'd love to hear from you. Just shoot me an email or a tweet, connect on Linkedin, or follow me on Dribbble.

Now, have a great day, a good night. Wherever you are.

Image of Chistoph Fahlbusch